High-resolution environmental data logger

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This external sensor module measures air humidity, illumination  and temperature.

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This external sensor module measures air humidity (the sensor Honeywell HIH-5031-001), illumination (the sensor Broadcom/Avago APDS-9008-020) and temperature (with different temperature sensors: Texas Instruments LMT70AYFQR or LM35CA). The high-resolution environmental data logger is connected to the side connector of the EIS spectrometer and is used for monitoring environmental conditions during experiments. Overview of main parameters is shown in the following table

sampling resolution (the EIS spectrometer) 20-24 bit
min. resolution of analog input (the EIS spectrometer) 64nV
conversion factor V/t of LM35CA sensor 10mV/C
conversion factor V/t of LMT70AYFQR sensor 5.19mV/C
conversion factor V/% of HIH-5031-001 23.5mV/%
measurement range of light sensor 0-1000 Lux
size of data logger sensor pannel 100x10x5 mm
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