Generator “Contur” 7

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The generator “Contur” is an experimental product developed for a technological and scientific exploration of the impact of geometric shapes on diverse biological, chemical, electronic and environmental systems.

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Examples of applications are:

  • diverse experiments with the shape effect
  • passive generation of weak non-EM emission based on the shape effect
  • exploring “the effect of pyramid”
  • structural amplifiers for long-range signal transmission on receiver or transmitor sides
  • experimental systems for exploring the imprinting effect with different modulating materials and feedback loops

The generator consists of cones inserted into each other on 0 or 1/3 of their height (the focus position of 0% or 33%). Each cone is made from organic polymer coated by copper from both sides. Minimal thickness of each polymer/copper layer is 0.3 mm. Cones have a golden ratio in relation between the height and the base diameter.

The “Contur” 7 has 7 cones with 33% focus position. Change of the focus position can be performed by users.


  • Large copper-biopolymer cones, assembled or partially assembled (to reduce the risk of transpotration damages) in an acryl box
  • Small copper-biopolymer cone, assembled in the back part of the device
  • Small copper-biopolymer cone metal cone for assembling in the front part (not assembled)
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