M.I.N.D. – Mind Influence Notification Device (pro version)

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Measurement device for objective evaluation and neurocognitive training of mind practices such as Yoga, Reiki or Meditation

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The M.I.N.D. (Mind Influence Notification Device) is a high-resolution sensor based on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of optically excited water samples. The device measures physical processes that appear in water due to neurocognitive interaction between the human brain and aqueous solutions and performs numerical and statistical analysis of results.

Main objective: The M.I.N.D. serves as a measurement sensor for verifying the mind´s capabilities of interacting with the external world. It represents a bridge between mental practices and real changes in distant physical and chemical systems. Such real-time feedback can be used for training purposes, for individual or group therapy, and for objective assessment of mental, meditative or healing practices.

Applications: This very sensitive device represents a tool for empirical research of altered states of consciousness. It can be installed at home, in a laboratory or therapeutic office and enhances the efficiency of repeated mind training. The device can be used for evaluation of healing practices, in mental exercises within yoga, Reiki or different meditations, for individual or collective usage. It enables exploring boundaries of the human mind in a verifiable and reproducible way.

Examples of applications

Development of advanced abilities of consciousness: in Zen and Vipassana meditations, in Buddhistic practices (e.g. dhyana) and yoga, for training concentration and in self-developmental purposes. The operator selects M.I.N.D. (photo or real time graphs) as an object of concentration, the sensor response indicates the level and progress of operator’s training. Active interaction with sensors can be seen as a systematic training of siddhi – advanced abilities of consciousness.

Healing practices, Reiki, External Qi: for training healers, testing new techniques (e.g. Reiki symbols). Influence is directed to sensors instead of a patient, objective feedback from devices allows verifying Reiki’s (self-) attunement and various mental techniques, synchronizing collective sessions of several healers, testing and training remote influences.

Stress therapy: in psychology and psychotherapy to reduce the symptoms of depression, stress, or anxiety; in the framework of mindfulness meditation and as an independent technique on workplace to improve well-being and working environment. The operator (single or a group) concentrates attention on his/her internal mental state and on dynamics of M.I.N.D. sensors, and detects correlations between them. Feedback from the sensors allows achieving a deeper involvement and, thus, better present-centered awareness. Using the system with EEG sensors or low frequency acoustic signals allows introducing neurocognitive feedback loops.

Studies of altered states of consciousness (ASC): general technology in various ASCs, including lucid dreams, for “truth/reality testing”, practicing individual or collective strategies in ASC; for psychological, neurocognitive and applied aspects of ASC’s studies, using the M.I.N.D. in ASC is similar to practices of mindfulness meditation.

“Bioenergic” interaction: for technics similar to “external Qi” or Reiki’s “laying on of hands”, for evaluating the complex effects (thermal, electrostatic, etc.) of a person at short distances (<3m). It allows assessing the state “before and after therapy” and the ability to mobilize “biofield” resources (e.g. in sport); various techniques are in development.

Delivering and Shipping

The basic system MU3 is a differential impedance spectrometer with 2×15 ml containers for distilled water, optical excitation of 490/940 nm and auxiliary sensors. For operating within M.I.N.D., the spectrometer needs a computer, thermo container with thermo filler (water or thermal gel). The M.I.N.D. algorithms are open source, the system does not require connection to paid cloud services. The sensor operates continuously, does not require maintenance and is ready for measurements at any time.

Mini-PC with Intel Atom Z8350 and Windows 10. M.I.N.D. requires a continuously running PC for numerical and statistical processing of results. Access to the mini-PC is provided via WLAN/LAN and the free program Remote Desktop from any mobile or stationary device. The mini-PC, due to limited power, cannot perform tasks other than M.I.N.D. It is not included into the basic system, users can run processing programs on any PC with Win 7,8,10.

Professional thermo insulating container, neopor®, volume 8.3 liters, wall thickness 3 cm, size 21×39.6×29.6 cm. The container is inserted into a protective plastic casing. It provides a high mechanical stability, ease of carrying and operation, as well as the protection from damages. Water or thermal gel are used as a thermo filler. It is not included into the basic system.

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