Thermo Insulated Box-Systainer®

105,91  inkl. 19% MwSt.

Insulated-systainer® T-Loc III – light grey with neopor®, used as a passive thermostabilization box in the pro version of M.I.N.D., volume 8.3 liters, wall thickness 3 cm

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Professional thermo insulating container (Systainer®), neopor®, volume 8.3 liters, wall thickness 3 cm, used in the pro version of M.I.N.D. The container is inserted into a protective plastic casing. It provides a high mechanical stability, ease of carrying and operation, as well as the protection from damages. Water or thermal gel are used as a thermo filler.

Technical data:

  • Color body: light grey (neutral, without color advertisements)
  • Color Handle: light grey
  • Color T-Loc catch: signal blue
  • External dimensions: H 210 x W 396 x D 296 mm (H + 7 mm for feet)
  • Internal dimensions: H 180 x W 382 x D 266 mm
  • Weight: 2.5KG
  • Features: neopor® insulation insert

This thermo insulating box contains USB 2.0 cable for connection of EIS system inside the container.

Manufacturer: TANOS GmbH (Germany)